The Terminal is a collective of independent food, retail and arts vendors serving the South Florida (specifically Opa-Locka) community and housed in retrofitted shipping containers.  I was tasked with creating a brand identity that paid homage to Opa-Locka's history in aviation and the Moorish architecture, through the color scheme, that decorates the city. 

The Lab at Khemistry Bar is a 3,000 square-foot outdoor space in the backyard of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn’s Khemistry Bar which houses social and cultural events.  For The Lab, I was tasked with creating a separate brand identity from the accompanying bar while staying true to the chemistry theme. 


Thinking about how much mobile & ecommerce has disrupted the retail industry. I created a concept of what I believe a mobile app for the retailer Madewell would look when trying to create an all-around immersive environment. Madewell's digitally savvy consumer made for a fun challenge when trying to seamlessly integrate the digital and physical experience.